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Squads represent their country of origin. They are one of the core elements of World War Online and joining one will give you access to various features and benefits that you will otherwise not be able to enjoy.
Benefits of being in a Squad

Aside from having a direct group of people to play with, being in a Squad opens the door to many new features, such as:

  • Battle Support: Squadmates have the ability to Support each other defensively and offensively in Battle. (Read the Supporting section for more information);

  • Capital Warfare: Squads can participate in Capital Warfare by being matchmade against other squads in their League. Matchmaking and Capital Warfare is available to all squads regardless of size. You will be matched with 4 other Random Squads from your League.

  • Squad Chat:
How a Squad works A Squad can have up to 8 members, though some have special roles:

  • Squad Leader: Generally the player who created the Squad. There can only be one Squad Leader and he has access to every tool in the Squad, including starting the capital warfare matchmaking process, accepting new members and choosing Squad Captains or a new Squad Leader;

  • Squad Captains: They are the seconds-in-command. A Squad can have a maximum of 3 and they have control over many Squad Features as the Squad Leaders, excluding selecting new Squad Captains or Squad Leaders;

  • A Squad must have at least 4 Players, otherwise it will be disbanded and removed from the Leaderboard after 7 days.

  • MR < 25 - If inactive for 48 Hours - Player is automatically kicked from squad.

  • MR > 25 - If inactive for 7 Days - Player is automatically kicked from squad.
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