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Unit Movement
Map Division
The Map is divided into 3 view modes

  • Continent View, which will give you a general view of the continent you are currently in, as well as its Districts, and Capitals;

  • District View, which will show you the Bases and Armies stationed inside the District you are in;

  • Base View, which will give you access to the Base's actions, like upgrading the Base or Training Units if it's your Base or sending an attack if it belongs to an enemy.
District Types

  • Guerrilla Districts: These compose the majority of the World Map. You can build both Military and Resource Bases in these Districts;

  • Country Capitals: Country Capitals are only accessible to players within a Squad. They have a fixed amount of Bases that increases with the Capital's Military Power. If you're a member of a Squad, you can attack and conquer these Bases to earn points in the Leaderboard.

P.S.: Bases built in coastals Districts have the ability of training Navy Units.
Base Types

  • Military Bases: These allow you to train groups of Military Units in a short amount of time. They can train up to 2500 Normal Units and 25 Supreme Units of each type;

  • Headquarters: Each player receives 1 Headquarters Base, which produces both Money and Iron every 10 Minutes. Upgrade this base to increase your Resource Production.

  • Capital Bases: These can only be found in Capitals and they cannot be built or destroyed. Conquer them to get points in the Leaderboard.
Learn more about Bases in the Bases section
Unit Movement
When you have units stationed in a District, they will be marked on the Map. The marker will have 2 sections to it: The color of the marker depends on the type of units it includes:

  • Blue Streaks: Each streak represent 2500 Normal Units.

  • Yellow Stars: Each star represents up to 25 Supreme Units.

You can click on these markers to move the Units across Districts. The travel time is 3 Minutes per district, regardless of unit, as they are transported.
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