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Player Leaderboard
The Leaderboard is the center piece of World War Online and it is what decides who the grand winners are at the end of a Season. Once a Season ends, the progress gets reset and everyone starts over with 1 base for another Season of epic Battles.
The current Season started at 15:00, 11 April 2019 and it will end at 10:00, 11 July 2019. Once the Season ends, we tally up the final results and announce the podium.
How to compete

The Squad Leaderboard is composed of Squads that are currently competing by participating in Capital Warfare, and conquering Capital Bases to gain points.

Each Squad starts out as Unranked and once they get their first points, they immediately get placed in the Leaderboard.

At the end of every capital warfare, the top 2 Squads are promoted to the League above, and at the same time, the bottom 2 Squads are demoted to the League below. The promoted and demoted squads will be at the bottom/top of their new Leagues respectively. At the end of the Season, the top 5 Squads host their respective country's flags in the podium.

All squads automatically participate in Capital Warfare, and are assigned a Capital X hours before the Capital Opens for Conquer.
The matchmaking system in World War Online will match you based on your Leaderboard Position. The top 2 squads in each League will be matched with any squad between 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Place. Each Capital Warfare will have a total of 5 Squads.
Once the Capital unlocks, all other squads and players will be invisible, except the squads that are assigned to that Capital.

Capital Warfare lasts for 72 Hours. From Monday 00:00 UTC to Thursday 00:00 UTC, and from Thursday 12:00 UTC to Sunday 12:00 UTC. Points are given per owned base every hour.

Extra damage points will be divided by all squads based on their damage ratio versus the total damage dealt in the Capital. The maximum number of points per Capital warfare is 1080 points, which can be achieved when a total of 50M Damage is dealt in the Capital Warfare.
Point Boosts

As the Season progresses, the number of points per Capital Base owned at the end of each Conquer Cycle increases to allow for newer squads to be able to catch up, and due to war becoming more intense as the Season draws to a close.
Season Awards
*The National Skin will be a unit that is chosen by the Leader of the Squad for which they want to receive a National Skin. As an example, we used the past Championship Winners to mock it up. The Leader of the Squad can pick any unit out of a list, but only 1 Unit will receive a Skin, by order of Priority from 1st Rank to 5th Place. i.e. If the Squad in 1st Place picks a Unit, a lower ranking squad may not pick the same Unit.
Player Leaderboard
The Player Leaderboard is an individual competition with a separate ranking from the main Leaderboard. In the Player Leaderboard, players get points for winning Battles against other players. The purpose of the Player Leaderboard is to showcase the most seasoned Commanders on The Battlefield.
The Standings

Each player starts out in the Player Leaderboard with 450 Battle Points right after the finish the Growth Mission. From there, players can climb up by winning Battles against multiple other players. You win points by winning Battles and dealing more damage than your opponent. By reaching certain positions, you will get promoted to a higher League:

  • White League: 501st position and below

  • Bronze League: Between 151st and 500th position

  • Silver League: Between 51st and 150th position

  • Gold League: Between 1st and 50th position
Battle Points

These are several facts you will need to keep in mind in order to maximize the amount of Battle Points you can get.
To gain points, you must defeat your opponent, or kill a lot more units than they did. But simply defeating an empty base (Farming Resources) will not give you Battle Points.

  • Killing 500 Normal Units will award you with 1 Battle Point

  • Killing 10 Supreme Units will award you with 1 Battle Point

  • Attacking players who have 400 points or less will not award you points, regardless of the number of units killed.

After the battle is processed, the Winning side will gain the points for the units they killed; less the points gained by the losing side. The minimum number of points in a victory is 0. Also, no points will be gained from players who are over 100 Battle Points below you.
Other Facts

There are other facts that you need to take into consideration that affect your Battle Points

  • If you do not send any attacks for 1 week, your points will slowly start to decay every 24 hours.
  • Player Leaderboard Awards

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