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Getting Started
Welcome to World War Online, an Online Multiplayer Strategy War Game where the main focus is to conquer Capitals and stand victorious at the end of a Season to claim glory for your Squad and Country. But first, here's your first steps if you're just starting out:
First, build Bases, upgrade them and train Units

You start out by building Bases to increase your Resources and slowly build your Army and increase your Military Rank.
Secondly, complete Missions to gain XP and unlock new Units

You unlock new Units as your Military Rank increases through Experience and once you reach the required Military Rank, you will be able to conquer Bases using Generals. (read the Conquering & Destroying section for more information)
Thirdly, join a Squad

At any point that you want, you will have the ability to join a Squad. Squads are groups of players, generally from the same country, that fight with a shared goal; win the World War Online competition.