Valentine's Day: Spread the love in the battlefield

Packs to offer, extra WWO coupon and double XP in all the battles!
14:50, 13 February(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Valentine's Day is almost here and we want to help you share the love with your fellow squadmates and friends in World War Online. That's why from February 14 at 00:00 UTC until February 16 at 23:59 UTC, if you buy a WWO pack, you will receive another pack to offer.

> This is only valid for the first purchase after the event starts.
> The pack to offer does not include small extra packs.

Double XP Weekend

During the event, you will receive double XP in all your battles.

Also here is some coupon love

We also want to share some love with all our players, so here is a special coupon of 2.500 WWO "fbffdea356b2d89" (valid until Sunday, February 16).

Spread the love in World War Online and have great victories on the battlefield!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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Dorcol - 19:58, 17 February
Programera,admine i ostale picketeine na kurac vas nabije.
Somm - 01:58, 17 February
Where is this extra package??? Is this is a fraud?
I think you are too late
02:30, 17 February
Should've been before 23:59 utc
04:02, 17 February
SlangOog - 09:03, 16 February
What happened to the extra wwo package. Did not receive
Provo - 13:43, 15 February
What happened to unit skins?
jordandepressed - 19:18, 13 February
I want in
lislis172 - 19:12, 13 February
Very nice
DanijelVKC - 19:10, 13 February
I haven't got golds from the coupon, fix it!!!
90KSauron - 18:31, 13 February
Thnx !!