The Country Ambassador Program is now open!

We are looking for experienced players to become World War Online Country Ambassadors.
11:45, 10 February(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

We have just launched the Country Ambassador Program and we are looking for experienced, positive and helpful players that want to become the official ambassador of their country. We will work with ambassadors to help their country grow and in return Country Ambassadors will receive in-game rewards for their efforts.

Learn all about the Country Ambassadors Program and how you can become a Country Ambassador here:

We look forward to working with you!


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SirJaime - 13:37, 23 February
Life is so good when you stop making this game a big part of it..
Right. I got me a new car to rebuild. Already put a cold air intake and when I get my tax return next week going to dump some real money into it.
14:24, 23 February
Do you really think that playing with lego cars is still awesome at your age
15:17, 23 February
jordandepressed - 12:21, 10 February
Join me to make allies
Dolphins suck ass
01:14, 18 February
Join my squad to make a big ally nation
16:01, 21 February
JSO - 16:56, 16 February
The game was a lot more fun when there were resource bases .. People were fighting more and it was possible to trade resurs and wwo in the market this is all the bigger crap than the game ..
Fiend - 14:35, 12 February
How bout you make the game interesting and enjoyable first and then try to get new players.
Exactly. This is what I have been trying to get into their thick skull for as long as I can remember. The game is not setup to attract new players at all. You can't just make a squad and pick up all of the new players because 1/3 (if not all) will be a fake account. If Ambassadors have the ability to see internet connections like parliament could back in the day then it would be a positive move forward, but the status quo is going to be a fruitless endeavor.
16:37, 12 February
Agree Penny, the game has not changed in very long. Changing the strenth of units will not cut it. In order to keep the game interesting and getting new players to join changes must be made. I still remeber the days we had so many real players we had 3 squads.
05:29, 15 February
They have to learn to adapt to the gaming market. You give the market what it wants and players will come to you. All there is to do in this game is hit empty bases, chase armies from the mines, and fight fake accounts in capitals. Thats it and you are stuck in a 3 day warfare. Armies are so ridiculously small that when you lose 5 battles you're already down 1/3 of your army. Nobody is going to do that shit for fun but old players who have been here for years.
14:34, 15 February
^ facts
02:16, 16 February
P399YR3B31 - 00:16, 16 February
Cash grab admins that have had a game for 9 years and its still garbage.
Chilltime doesnt care about your bugs, they are here to collect money and let the good times roll. Their business plan is get the game down to about 25 players and squeeze every penny out of them they can and they will reply to you guys feedbacks when you give them more money. They are teaching the players a lesson: no money no customer support.
They are not answering anyone, all players are being punished because chilltime made stupid decisions and the game is in its worst condition ever. I am not spending one dime, the only reason i ever spent was to build the supremes and those are very far away so there is nothing to spend for. The lack of customer support is icing on the cake.
Doca - 11:55, 14 February
Wow... This Game become shit. Old version from start rules!!
MS1 - 08:03, 13 February
Admin! Think - it is unreal that international squads fighting for country! What is common to international squads with many countries players and f.ex.Latvia!?? Nothing. And it is Very idiotic, that international squad where only one player are from country, gives points to country. And it is unreal that squads fighting for country capitals! It is not realistic and annoying for countries. Because in reality such squads could not conquer capitals of countries. Build this game more realistic. Build this game that it is fight between countries, where countries could fight for their glory. Where tier could conclude treaties, cooperate. Why You could not build this game more realistic. Maybe if this game would be more realistic, battles would be more here not in real world.
Ambassador of country is necessary only, if this game is fight against countries. This game now is not fight against countries. This game is fight between international squads. And if so - no necessity for country ambassador!
DonerKebab - 12:03, 12 February
Offer a free doner kebab to new members who buy a gold pack.
joshr - 15:13, 11 February
I would love to help. i am not in action over weekends, however. i have a life!
AugusTejada - 14:58, 11 February
Cuando escriban en espaƱol me hablan! Saludos