Welcome to Season 1 Championship 2020!

Coupon, future updates and last season rewards.
09:31, 10 January(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to Season 1 of Championship 2020!

We have a few updates planned for this Season, so keep an eye on our forum and social media for news! We'll post a topic as soon as they are ready!

Season Start Coupon

We have a special coupon of 5.000 WWO f6a047eec06e108 to all our players, which will surely give you a boost to kick-start this season! (The coupon is only valid for this first week).

WWO Season Transfers

We have processed the transfers of half the WWO spent in the last 2 weeks of Season 4 Championship 2019.

Season 4 of Championship 2019 Rewards

The squads' rewards were processed for the Top 5 Squads of Season 4 Championship 2019. We also added the awards to players' profiles.

Good luck and great battles!


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ImamMahdi - 22:02, 11 January
General Quassem Soleimani killed in a brutal manner by the us cia but we think that organisation in us kill a lot peopel around world ,they even kill their own people
Usa was finace me to create civil war to gain control on oil so when usa make their plan working they said that organizations are terorists so they start military campaign on them and thye start fighting back. Answer me why doess not they attack Russia or China or any other country? Why u? U are so cute to be attacked or what pls do not defend ur self when u are bigest terorists on the planet, and u can not say Ouh we are not rensposible for that that do military and politicans, because u elect them u live in usa u can change if u want but u do not give a fuck because it is not in ur yard and it is much easy to pretend that u do not know nothing... So pls do not talk about that any of u we all knwo the truth and this is not place for that shit :)
18:40, 14 January
Finace them*
18:40, 14 January
Daj fenjer nemoj srati ev mene ufatila sracka moram u wc na to sve hahah
05:12, 15 January
Brate ja samo kazem sto jeste... Samo su krivi za sve to
07:00, 15 January
PennyDictator - 11:39, 14 January
Ct, a great update would be simply to promise (and be true to your word) that you will not tell us any more lies. For several seasons you have mentioned updates that never happened. I expect nothing more than lies and neglect to be honest with you, but one can only hope because I bought in anticipation for an update.
90KSauron - 20:54, 13 January
Tnxes wwo !!
ArtanHoxha - 10:15, 12 January
Take out the defence bonus and leave the players fight with equal chances...wtf is soo hard to understand taht that bonus make the game passive.
SONYUMRUKK - 05:25, 11 January
SirDog - 16:43, 10 January
No fake season.. I Invite all players to play without fakes and see how Amazing this game can be.. If you get bored and without nothing to do, you can allways hunt fakes for xp : Ex: PlayingInRomania :D
I was supposed to be yours wally :p
18:19, 10 January
My wife won't let me have any more bitches :D
18:25, 10 January
PennyDictator - 11:42, 10 January
"We have a few updates planned for this Season". I hope you actually mean it this time instead of the last two seasons where you said it and it turned out to be a lie.
AlmostThere - 10:10, 10 January
The simple the best :D