Here are the winners of Season 4 Championship 2019!

Know the top 5 Squads and Players of the Season, and when Season 1 starts!
11:13, 9 January(Latest News)
Greetings Commanders,

After 4 Epic Seasons, the Championship 2019 has come to an end. A year full of epic battles, millions of units destroyed and many alliances formed.

Without further delay, here are the top 5 Squads of Season 4 Championship 2019:

1st Place - MARINER2

With more than 7.8k attacks sent and 4.3k incoming attacks defended, MARINER2 squad proved its force with more than 1.4B Damage dealt, 1.2B Damage taken, killing more than 16.3M of Normal Enemy Units and 14.971 Supreme Enemy Units. Congratulations on the 1st place!

2nd Place - GoldenBUZZER

The Pakistani squad GoldenBUZZER conquered the 2nd place of the podium with more than 8.1k attacks sent and 4.2k incoming attacks defended as a team, over 1.6B of Damage dealt, 960M of Damage taken, and killing more than 17.7M of Normal Enemy Units and 22.364 Supreme Enemy Units. Congratulations!

3rd Place - TheMongoL

In 3rd place, we have the Mongolian squad TheMongoL, with more than 9.6k attacks sent and 5.1k incoming attacks defended as a team, over 1.7B of Damage dealt, 1.1B of Damage taken, and killing more than 16.1M of Normal Enemy Units and 17.326 Supreme Enemy Units. Congratulations!

4th Place - xXxKAMIKAZESxXx

The Azerbaijani squad xXxKAMIKAZESxXx finishes this Season in 4th place, with 4.5k attacks sent and more than 2.1k incoming attacks defended as a team, over 521.4M of Damage dealt, 516.5M of Damage taken, and killing more than 7.7M Normal Enemy Units and 8.562 Supreme Enemy Units. Congratulations!

5th Place - Geooldest

In 5th place and closing the Top 5 Squads of Season 4 2019 is the Georgian squad Geooldest! This team had more than 4k attacks sent and 3.4k incoming attacks defended as a team, over 551.7M of Damage dealt, 612.1M of Damage taken, and killing more than 5.9M Normal Enemy Units and 6.848 Supreme Enemy Units. Congratulations!

And the top 5 players!

We would also like to congratulate the Top 5 players that dominated the Single Player Leaderboard in Season 4:

1st Place - SONYUMRUKK

Commander SONYUMRUKK from Turkish squad 2023 proved his worth and conquered the 1st place of Single Player Leaderboard, with 306.5M of Damage dealt and 170.8M of Damage taken, planning more than 2.9k attacks, setting up defenses for almost 1.2k enemy attacks, and killing more than 3.5M Normal Enemy Units and 1.255 Supreme Enemy Units! Congratulations on the 1st place!

2nd Place - Petr1

On 2nd Place is the Russian Commander Petr1, from South African squad VeniVidiVici, with 284M of Damage dealt and 177M of Damage taken, planning more than 2.1k attacks, setting up defenses for more than 1k enemy attacks, and killing more than 3.2M Normal Enemy Units and 1.820 Supreme Enemy Units! Congratulations!

3rd Place - FeuerChile

Chilean Commander FeuerChile from Chilean squad SUPERVIVIENTES finished on the 3rd place of the Single Player leaderboard, with 250.5M of Damage dealt and 161.1M of Damage taken, planning almost 1.5k attacks, setting up defenses for more than 700 enemy attacks, and killing more than 2.6M Normal Enemy Units and 2.778 Supreme Enemy Units! Congratulations!

4th Place - RashersMuldoon

On 4th place is the Irish Commander RashersMuldoon from Irish squad TeamZ, with 120.2M of Damage dealt and 199.3M of Damage taken, planning more than 1.3k attacks, setting up defenses for more than 1.5k enemy attacks, and killing more than 1.3M Normal Enemy Units and 166 Supreme Enemy Units! Congratulations!

5th Place - USBerserker

Closing the Top 5 of Single Player Leaderboard is USBerserker from USA squad MARINER2, with 208.6M of Damage dealt and 88.7M of Damage taken, planning more than 1K attacks, setting up defenses for 519 enemy attacks, and killing more than 2.3M Normal Enemy Units and 1.901 Supreme Enemy Units! Congratulations!

Season 1 Championship 2020 starts soon!

Season 1 Championship 2020 will start on the 9th of January 2020 at 16:30 UTC and end on the 9th of April 2020 at 11:00 UTC.

We will have more updates on the first season of 2020 soon!

In the meantime, leave a message to your squads and squadmates, in the comment section below! :)


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AlmostThere - 16:52, 9 January
Congrats to usa for wining whitout cheating and multiple accounts as pakistan did, congrats to mgl for cheating fair not like pakistan
Chemo, cyber and panj suck so bad
Congrats to Elmar for getting 4th playing mostly alone
Much thanks to my friends from chile and indo, agnar, cod, eriks and dd
Rest in Peace et's fake squad (DestroyEarth) S42019
Thx to madking for playing 5 minutes this season ( yesterday)
Congrats to panj for making all possible to help usa get 1st, thanks dear :3
See u all in December,
Kuso, TheChosenOne
Rurik - 18:34, 15 January
Congratulations to pakistani and his team for overall win. finally pakistan got what it deserved. and jura :)
Tnx kim
19:25, 15 January
Thanks kim :)
16:59, 19 January
90KSauron - 21:30, 18 January
Nice job all !!
bartanbaatar - 06:01, 11 January
Congratulation to usa, Pakistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia teams! After many season, I just finally saw that usa players united and joined in a team and took 1st place. Although usa have many active and powerful players, but they used to join to other squads and couldn't unite. but this time you guys made it. In history section, you can see that usa and Mongolia lead for their trained and killed units for all the time. Congratulation again.
Pakistan team consisted of eu players and their fake accounts was powerful team for their skilled and experienced players.
Azerbaijan is long time partner to Mongolia and thanks to your respects and missing your powerful play in last seasons.
I know well Georgian old players from long time ago because when I started to play to this game for the first time, Mongolia was fighting against Georgian powerful players. From that time, Georgia and Mongolia were enemy and friends in our history but we were very powerful ally when we were ally. Even both of us know that we can be powerful ally, but we fighted against each other in last few seasons lol. Maybe another day we can fight side by side.
Congratulation to my squad mates for their active playing and being one of the most powerful teams for all the time. It is sad to tell you that I'm stopping to play this game anymore. I'm always proud of you guys.
Finally, Good luck to all players of wwo community. I wish you guys all the best.
Congratulations bro. It was honor to fight side by side with you.
11:51, 13 January
SONYUMRUKK - 18:47, 9 January
Oyunda değişiklik olmalı
Congratulation sonyumrukk!!
19:03, 9 January
17:27, 10 January
FeuerChile - 18:44, 9 January
Congratulations to the usa.
I congratulate each honest player who uses only one account.
Thanks to the very good Allies :))
We need to discount 20% of there points, but yes ... Congratulations is fair :D
05:38, 10 January
RashersMuldoon - 18:06, 9 January
Thanks to my Squad m8s also who were active on attacks & defence .. drinks on Rashers in the canteen tonight!
Thanks for daily full iron :)
04:55, 10 January
AlmostThere - 16:40, 9 January
XCyberx : If we can't get 1st this season, we will let mgl do it :)
RIP cyber fantasy
"pakistan wont finish in top 10"
17:06, 9 January
At least I am generous whit you guys you got to say that :)
20:05, 9 January
SONYUMRUKK - 19:02, 9 January
5000wo ve harcanan wo yarısı nerde
DonerKebab - 16:42, 9 January
Congratulations to me for being so sexy.