Black Friday is here!

Buy a pack and receive a second one for free
17:51, 28 November(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and we couldn't let it pass without having some offers to all our players!

Starting today at 00:00 UTC and until Tuesday, December 3, at 00:00 UTC, for every pack you purchase in our store, you will receive a second pack for free, including packs to offer :)

Note: Promotion is only available for the first purchase made during this period. Not multiple purchases.

Happy purchases!

UPDATE: We're have fixed an issue related to the second pack not being attributed. Players that had already made the 2 for 1 purchase can find the second free pack in the store.


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BOSNA001BIH - 00:15, 6 December
Bullshit one time bay an dublle other is bullshit i only bay 2200 3 .50 mark from phone that is full of shit fuck you games fuck this all we will leave this shit
Mogul1 - 07:55, 3 December
Do not charge bonuses
Event ended
07:57, 3 December
bartanbaatar - 19:27, 29 November
When second pack will be given?
Use all the free pack to offer it come..
19:53, 29 November
AngrySuzaku - 11:29, 29 November
Where is my free coupon??
ShunKazami - 11:26, 29 November
Update: We're aware of issues related to the second pack attribution, and we're adding a patch in a few moments. We will be adding the 2 for 1 packs to the players that have already purchased.
TheCh0senOne - 07:21, 29 November
Did anyone received his second pack?
Cooltime should change their slogan to "Making empty promises and ruining good games since 2010 proudly"
10:29, 29 November
Lol yes
11:21, 29 November
chupacabraX - 11:18, 29 November
Fix the battle glitches!

Why buying wwo, to lose it because of broken battles??
xCYBERx - 18:28, 28 November
Mmmm jummy!!! 400k wwo for meeee!!!!
Note: Promotion is only available for the first purchase made during this period. Not multiple purchases. #
07:29, 29 November
Yep, saw it too late... Have only 300k -. - 40€ wasted for nothing
07:30, 29 November
So it worked for you?
07:32, 29 November
07:49, 29 November
BurniIsBack - 05:46, 29 November
So why havent I received my second pack
MS1 - 21:13, 28 November
When will be old fight between countries??