Season 4 of Championship 2019 starts now!

Start and end dates, updates for this season and special coupon!
13:12, 10 October 2019(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Welcome to Season 4 of Championship 2019! It's time to prepare your best battle strategies, build your armies and find your Squad!

Get your 5.000 WWO Coupon!

As usual, we have some extra help for this Season start: a coupon of 5.000 WWO "7abbc2e1391651d" valid for a week!

Upcoming feature

We are building something new for all our players, the biggest update to World War Online in a while. Try guessing what it is in the comment section below. If you have the closest guess, you will get an extra coupon of 5.000 WWO. More updates coming on Monday!

Multiple minor updates

We have a few minor patches we'll be applying this season:
> Players now start with Rank 1, and we've adjusted the XP in the first levels.
> The Store now has a limit of 1 Squad pack per week.
> Player Leaderboard Points will be based on your league: Gold 20, Silver 8, Bronze 3, White 1.
> Guides and Unit stats are now available on the top menu.
> XP earned for Capital Battles will be increased.

WWO Season Transfers and Season 3 Rewards!

We have processed the WWO transfers from the last 2 weeks of Season 3, as well as the squads' rewards. We have also added the awards to players' profiles.


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Fiend - 15:19, 5 November 2019
So what the hell is even goin on with the leaderboard tables?
P399YR3B31 - 19:43, 24 October 2019
I have no clue which admin you are, but here is why I put a 1 star review on the app. Nevertheless, you replied and I do not have a facebook due to privacy concerns nor am I sending an email. I have been playing this game for over 4 years. You are likely new. I have seen admins come and go. I know all of the tricks and you are still learning. That being said, you are not enforcing rules in the game and that is why the player base is going down even more. If you would like to have a closed discussion on ways you can police the game and create a fair playing environment then let me know and we can set something up.
Shut the fuck up fake penny
20:02, 24 October 2019
21:52, 24 October 2019
Only bitches cry for things that will never happen.
21:52, 24 October 2019
Srsly, Im here since 2016 and have not seen you actually playing lool
15:48, 29 October 2019
Fiend, did you start playing at the same time as Ciel and Lelouch? :D
09:26, 30 October 2019
10:20, 30 October 2019
Fiend - 15:45, 29 October 2019
Wow, not the monday yet? Take your time chilltime.
Me4Presidente - 13:23, 24 October 2019
More updates coming on Thursday!
BipedalHorse - 10:38, 23 October 2019
SirJaime - 03:53, 19 October 2019
Lets hope its increased daily iron robbing limit and increased iron in the mines. with the limits today, you can remake 10k of troops a day. So you can only replace the equivalent of 3 or 4 fights. Useless.. lets hope thats one of the changes..
Chilltime admins don't exist, you might as well send out prayers to the flying spaghetti monster.
19:38, 19 October 2019
Haha! fiend is finally back...
15:31, 22 October 2019
Is he? #__#
welcome back fiend!
18:30, 22 October 2019
Jaja! you're in a good mood at least...
20:11, 22 October 2019
Come and join us, that way you won't have to hack us anymore...
20:11, 22 October 2019
Hmm.. you are apparently an idiot :D it would be difficult and annoying for me to play in the same squad with you :dd
21:43, 22 October 2019
MADK1nG - 22:56, 21 October 2019
Ups no updates on Monday :-(
Wrong monday, so that's why they did not specified the date lol
11:34, 22 October 2019
BipedalHorse - 12:38, 21 October 2019
More updates coming on Monday! xd
SONYUMRUKK - 21:34, 19 October 2019
Ben tekrar dile getirmek istiyorum wo veriyorsunuz sonnra süre koyuyorsunuz bazen kaçırıyoruz almayanlar alsın süreyı kaldırın ihtiyacı olunca kullansın
SONYUMRUKK - 20:54, 19 October 2019
Verilen wo lar süresi uzaltılsın yeni girenlerin hakkı silinmesin