Boosts for last 7 days of Season 3!

Double XP weekend, Coupon and Season WWO Transfers!
18:28, 3 October(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Season 3 is almost over. Only 7 days left to prove you are the best on the battlefield and guarantee your squad's place in the top 5!

And to help, we have some bonuses for you!

Coupon of 2.000 WWO!

A coupon of 2.000 WWO "b5c951bd283711a", valid until the end of this Season!

Double XP Weekend!

From 00:00 UTC of Friday (October 4th) until 23:59 UTC of Sunday (October 6th) all players will get double XP in all battles, unit training, conquers and destruction!

End of Season WWO Transfers!

Don't forget: for every WWO you buy or spend during these final days, we'll return half of the value on the next season! (Up to a maximum value)

Good luck and great battles!


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OtoriKyuta - 16:32, 6 October this is chinook/fiend atacking kopral in mines from 10 accounts..
Tip: if you want to make a fake screenshot with incoming attacks from 10 accounts, make it 10 attacks and not 7 xD and post it from an account in the same squad as kopral and not from an account in another squad xD
16:07, 7 October
Tip: You can't catch the whole think on a normal ss, 2nd i was in same squad whit kopral then
19:49, 7 October
AngelaMerkel - 16:30, 6 October
Suck my cock
Fiend - 20:44, 4 October
This is basically a copy-paste from some previous topic :
Is this the best you can do for all the money people are spending here?
Panj is smoking roll-ups to eat the cost of your ridiculous wwo price increases and broken battle engine.
20:47, 4 October
Shame on you chilltime
20:47, 4 October
It really feels like the game is on auto-pilot, no customer service,
20:51, 4 October
Until you do a paypal claim. then they are very active.. :(
22:55, 4 October
TheShoe - 12:45, 4 October
For those of you who may be wondering why it says you get Double xp from "destruction", it is a reference to the Special Forces units that were on here years ago and were removed. This is a good example of how much the admins know about the game in its current state.
Penny i have to talk to you, i can't message you
12:56, 4 October
bob66 - 22:29, 3 October