Mid-Season Survey!

Share your thoughts on last week's event and future ones!
15:49, 12 September(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Only one month left of battles, before Season 3 ends. And we would like to have your feedback on the last event, mines and next season too!

Share your opinion with us, in a quick Survey!

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Bonus: Coupon of 2.000 WWO!

We would also like to offer all our players a coupon 640d8b97c03fc33 of 2.000 WWO, valid for a week!

Good luck and great battles!


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Luzbel - 09:39, 23 September
Sarasa sarasa
Boorchi - 23:54, 19 September
Hey dear admins. This game errored and my all units died. how to resolve this problem ???..
Try to contact them on fb. Maybe they will respond
00:19, 20 September
Hey dear Boorchi.
16:24, 21 September
UStupidAss - 19:32, 14 September
Fuck this garbage game
Davidbest - 22:10, 13 September
Anybody knows what is it "Join wwo discord"?
Some kind of communications between players, open acc and chat
16:31, 14 September
Portugal to Georgia is very far ;P
16:35, 14 September
18:23 Player2: None of you have ever heard of Discord? lol It is a huge platform for gamers
18:24 Player2: I am not getting on this games server, but actual games use it. Like Fortnite, League of legends, and stuff like that.
18:25 Player2: it is used by about 250 million people
18:51, 14 September
Penny explained it on world chat
18:52, 14 September
Donleone - 19:38, 13 September
Where are our wwo units obtained during event??
Guessing they were just delivered
20:03, 13 September
Donleone you will whaith for your units like we did for our medals 3 months they travelled lol
22:56, 13 September
JuRa - 20:05, 12 September
Well i have a idea ct am best is that you guys dont do anything coz everything you make it s just a shit so better stay at home and don t try to do anything otherwise you will fuck more a fucked game already!!
I think real ct has left game few years ago and now is just using it for mining of cripto-currency and office cleaning stuff is just having fun by trolling players with conducting different crazy ideas...
22:23, 12 September
Fiend - 19:27, 12 September
This is too weird to be real. First you make an event and don't give the announced rewards, then make a survey asking how players liked the event. No serious game company in the world would be trolling players like this. It's like penny had taken over the admin panel and posting these events and fuckery lmao.
Donleone - 18:43, 12 September
Why You don't give players wwo units collected at mines during event?
ArthurFleck - 18:40, 12 September
Bring back the old mines where we had to build bases in them to get resources. Increase the value collected from the mines, increase army capacity, and bring back generals and special forces. It will be the ultimate guerrilla warfare. This will also stop cowards from being able to just run away to avoid attacks. It will be either defend your base or keep spending wwoi to rebuild one.