Mines and Double XP Special Event!

From Thursday to Sunday.
14:38, 2 September(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

In order to celebrate the mid-season, we will launch a special weekend event that will give a boost to all our players.

- Double XP for the entire game for the duration of the event.
- During the event, we will increase the rewards of WWO from 1 to 20 per mine per hour.
- For every hour a mine is controlled, the player will receive 1 supreme unit to collect in the store.

From Thursday (5 September), at 20:00 UTC to Sunday (September 8), at 20:00 UTC.

Join your friends and squad, and prepare yourself for 3 days of epic battles!

More information soon.


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Mukhulaii - 13:29, 5 September
Why not have double xp
From Thursday (5 September), at 20:00 utc
13:47, 5 September
BOSNIANPYRAMIDS - 21:38, 2 September
Big storm is hit usa in real life!!!
FeuerChile - 20:07, 2 September
The game has been stuck many times today.
This way you can not play. Terrible is to play.
FeuerChile - 16:37, 2 September
Saturday and Sunday only play half of the players, the administrators chose bad days.
PABLOTOTALWAR - 16:32, 2 September
TheShoe - 16:26, 2 September
Nice. Fiend's mine bot and running when getting attacked will come in handy.