Season 3 of 2019 Championship starts now!

Check the updates for the new season, get a 5.000 WWO Coupon and answer to a quick Survey :)
12:34, 11 July 2019(Latest News)

Welcome to World War Online Season 3 of Championship 2019!

We wish all our expert Commanders and new Recruits a great Season, full of Epic Battles and victories.

But first, let's do a round up on some things that will change this season.

Moving Units to other Continents!

We increased the intercontinental training and reduced the movement time in 50%. You can now move your Units faster to your points of attack.

Player Leaderboard: New Points System!

Prove yourself in Battle and make your way to the top of the Leaderboard! Points gain in Capital bases are now attributed based on your League - Gold will get 20, Silver 8, Bronze 3, White 1.

5.000 WWO Coupon!

To give a boost to this Season start, we have a coupon of 5.000 WWO "e13d287b13fbb8f" to all our players, valid for this first week.

Invite a friend and earn 10.000 WWO!

Invite a friend that didn't play last season, but reached Silver / Gold Squad League in a previous season, and you will both win 10.000 WWO!* The new player just needs to contact us via Messenger here

* Your friend must reach at least Rank 30 to claim this reward.

Let us know what you think

Given the last surveys and the feedback we get from all players, we would like to have your opinion on these topics:

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FarMongol - 15:21, 6 August 2019
We want Anti navy infantry not supreme
Anonimuss - 22:49, 14 July 2019
Hello, wasup Anonimuss
20:31, 24 July 2019
Donleone - 17:14, 22 July 2019
Dear wwo players, I enter world chat rarely, only if there is something very important for sharing, as this chat doesn't look like that anybody serious is playing this game… Each time I skipped it, I found that players are insulting each other with dirtiest words like teenagers, there are some typing champions with Psychological problems I think, who get pleasure by such behavior, don't thinking that we are already community with 9 year history and have to respect each other, despite of fact – are we allies or opponents in this game…
I decided to apply here only by one reason – Pennydictator called Georgians pitiful, blaming us that we created false history of ill boy to get money for wwo from “stupid" players… Each person judges on any actions according to own internal world, so only really Ill person can imagine in his ill brain that anybody can speculate by such things… Who thinks that this is true, are really pitiful and poor in real life as well and not only in this game…You are trying to inspire conflict between Georgia and Brexit by dirty gambling, but if we oppose each other, we fight and also outside of game we are humans, friends respecting each other and can support each other in difficult situations - this is difference between men and little boys who are hiding behind screens and trying to look like Hero in chat…
Stop scamming people.
19:35, 22 July 2019
Donleone - 19:14, 21 July 2019
Dear friends,
On behalf of Georgian team and especially Valera (aka Akula) I'd like to express cordial gratitude to all wwo brotherhood for your financial and moral support - yesterday little Nika was successfully operated, despite of fact that his case was somehow complicated and in few days he returns to home.
Our applause and gratitude to great American physicians, who returned boy to normal life!
With Love Donleone
PennyDictator - 08:28, 12 July 2019
While I applaud the movement time change, as I do hate waiting, it isn't working. Moving my army to a new continent and it is taking an hour. That is not a 50% decrease from last season. You will make more money by cutting all of the movement times in the whole game in half and get rid of that 45 second lag. Reason being, if our hq is under attack and we can train units to its defense in exactly 30 seconds then we can kill farmers.
And do the 25% national bonus by ip address instead of country. Players have accounts in other countries to bypass that rule and it is not fair to countries like England who are trying to play right.
17:32, 12 July 2019
Agreed 100%
17:33, 12 July 2019
17:42, 12 July 2019
De acuerdo
03:58, 13 July 2019
05:24, 21 July 2019
You are too demanding. They got exhausted making the forum topic and adding a coupon. Let them have rest for some weeks before getting on to the next task.
11:42, 21 July 2019
Underdog182 - 20:11, 16 July 2019
I love how the majority of people pointed out how ridiculously insulting earning 1 wwo per hour in the mines was, and they did absolutely nothing about it. Nor anything about the overall cost of supreme units. Even 50 wwo per day is dumb, it allows you to buy 2 supreme units per week, lool. Like that means anything, especially with the stupid battle engine,..which is still broken.
Indeed In the mine 1 wwo per hour 1 day is 24 wwo 10 240 wwo 100 day is 2400 only
We make 10 supreme 1 season
05:19, 21 July 2019
All peace the mine and we steal wwo in the Ct
05:20, 21 July 2019
SONYUMRUKK - 16:29, 20 July 2019
Oyun süper ama oyuncu yok malesef
BabeBetawi - 10:14, 20 July 2019
Ct... 8 players in a squad is too much.. reduce to 3 or 4 playera.. so it makes more competitive coz if only 3-4 player more difficult to handlw 2-3 caps in same time, for superior squad maybe only a half player who active and they are boring. there is no equal enemies.. the key word is " boring" for waiting..
MS1 - 18:32, 17 July 2019
Admin! Why I don't have any wwo for every year!!
Simple buy wwo
20:46, 18 July 2019
DeadAmerica - 15:36, 16 July 2019
The dev team did not acknowledge the issue. And did not compensate.

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