Double XP Weekend, Extra Coupon and more!

Brace yourselves: we're entering the last 7 days of Season 2!
17:27, 4 July(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Season 2 is almost over. Only 7 days left to prove your best in the battlefield and guarantee your squad's place in the top 5!

And to help, we have some bonuses for you!


A coupon of 2.000 WWO "6ce8299878dc47b" for your final week of battle!

Double XP weekend!

From 00:00 (UTC) on Friday the 5th of July until 23:59 (UTC) on Sunday the 7th of July, you will earn double XP for every battle, unit train, conquer and destroy!

WWO Bonus!

Don't forget: for every WWO you buy or spend during these final days, we'll return half of the value on the next season! (Up to a maximum value)


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Night1fury - 12:24, 10 July
Their should be a leaderboard for Damage dealt.
'their' shouldn't. There used to be a bonus for the damage dealt in capitals, remember what happened!!!
16:57, 10 July
Cuad0 - 14:11, 7 July
Upsss ct ??..??
16:36, 7 July
One of the new admins put that at a time when they had no clue how it all works. How the wwoi rollover works is, in these final days only, if you spend 100 wwoi on supreme units then 50 wwoi (one half of the amount) will be added to your bonus for next season. There is a limit on how much of a bonus you can get, but you can increase the limit by making a purchase in the store.
16:45, 7 July
Furry will have 250k wwo transfered to next season xd
17:01, 7 July
Duba - 11:07, 5 July
Don't forget: for every wwo you buy or spend during these final days, we'll return you half of the value on the next season (up to a cap)! what does meaning "up to a cap"?
Is it spend on the capital or until finish the season 2?
Lol just now I saw :P Idk what they meant... Surprise
11:16, 5 July
It's up to a captain. We will need his/her permission. Or. Up to a limit.
14:51, 5 July
It means every wwo but not really
00:40, 6 July
14:12, 7 July
Player2 - 15:13, 5 July
You did really good on the header for this forum. A+ to the graphic designer. However, if you are going to allow cheating then you need to fix the rules in the guide to say so. Thank you for reading my message on facebook and moving on without replying. Do not say anything to me when I run a script like he is doing.
Ct first see the message then think at it over the night
15:33, 5 July
The graphic designer made that picture look like a safari theme. Looks like hunting instead of warring.
20:34, 5 July
I would have put earth with units spiking out and blasting their weapon with a double xp text belt around the earth. And slap a faded montage of game pictures as a drop against the stars. Lol idk
20:49, 5 July
I am not an expert in this field but in my humble opinion the design is not so great, the colour palette is way off and I can tell that being partly colour blind
10:54, 6 July
14:12, 7 July
Krabis - 11:07, 6 July
If I was a chilltime admin I would compare the total wwoi collected from stores with the total of wwoi actually paid for. Maybe there are some interesting unexpected irregularities.
Chilltime encourages cheating. If everyone gets Lucky Patcher they will be very happy.
11:16, 6 July
I am just wondering if they verify playerX really bought as much as playerX spent in the battlefield. That should be a default verification , If they have that done correctly, the Lucky Patcher or whatever software is useless
14:30, 6 July
14:12, 7 July
leg0las - 10:55, 5 July
Damn where is that " and more" ? I entered for that -_-