Last 3 weeks of Season 2

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19:20, 21 June(Latest News)
Greetings Commanders,

Season 2 ends is almost over. Less than 3 weeks left to prove your best in the battlefield and guarantee your squad's place in the top 5!

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A coupon of 2.000 WWO "09a3a5cf85d7292" , valid until June 28!

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Mukhulaii - 07:47, 4 July
Ct i have an idea
last cycle gold 10 country fight 6 capital together :)
PlayingInIndonesia - 18:42, 3 July
Did anyone forgot as me to tell " allow players to build military bases again " -__-
I'll remember next time
22:41, 3 July
DevilDog1982 - 03:39, 26 June
Survey a waste of time, you don't listen to anyone anyway. I doubt anyone said hey, make wwo unit 5 time more expensive for everyone. The game is going under, too boring, too time constrained - we are all cap baby sitters now. This use to be a great game.. Not so much anymore, just my opinion.
This comment board use to be 20-30 pages, now it is 2, that should tell you something right there........
They want the game to go up in flames. They know it is boring and too limiting. The last two groups still throwing money at them will get tired of this autistic battle engine and they will quit. When they do Chilltime will go under or every one of the admins will be interns. A prime example right here. He had a ton of lynx, but they just stayed in the back and drank a cold one with the boys while chengdus killed the enemy navy. What a circus.
05:54, 26 June
Many cried that non premium players make too many supremes and normals in the mines and this is the result xD
16:46, 26 June
All they had to do was go back to the old mine setup where we put bases in the mines and defend them. If you run away then your base gets destroyed vs now where you can just move out and back in. If you don't like a player being in the mines then you could just go destroy their mine bases.
16:55, 26 June
That's always been their approach to try to reinvent the wheel and making some crazy workaround instead of dealing with an issue directly xD
Players must be very careful with their suggestions xD
19:32, 26 June
Wwo units are super expensive now
02:49, 3 July
Player2 - 19:54, 21 June
Please do two things. Reactivate the duels and give us strategies for the units that make them useful. Example: A strategy for the chengdu and F22 that makes it target other anti-air units and a different strategy where it will target anti-ground units like the reaper. This would almost perfect the battle engine. You can do that with each unit. Too often do we send F22s and it goes and attacks a pointless reaper when we need the enemy chengdus killed.
Half the time my F-22 attacks a pointless unit while the enemy F-22 goes straight for Mine.
02:37, 22 June
That happend becouse the defender f22 has bonus against the attacker f22.
07:59, 22 June
I encourge you, Chilltime, to ponder what I have posted in the Facebook forum. It will build a platform for you to build on and get the player base up. When you fight fake accounts hard then we will be able to interact with new players with confidence that they are not a fake of our enemy. A person that joins and talks to people is more likely to return.
22:16, 23 June
I am getting absolutely nowhere by even suggesting ways you can make this game worth it, and I accept that, but if you would do something as simple as open a universal capital it would do a lot. The capital would be open to all players in the game to conquer and would have only 8 bases. Points from it will go toward that player's squad. That would not be hard to code in a short amount of time.
07:12, 2 July
You are getting absolutely nowhere with everything in your life penny xD
15:29, 2 July
donZATA - 09:51, 30 June
There so generous #__#
10:55, 30 June
Lol fix ct
06:01, 1 July
So generous .fix ct
14:34, 2 July
UStupidAss - 18:06, 1 July
Hello developers. The mission to a base in an other continent. Still not working. I cannot complete the remaining missions without. Is it an error that you can easily fix? Or is it way beyond your team? And also on the mobile browser the profile picture is not positioned correctly. Is that also something that requires the most difficult of code?
Maybe a super abacus to help you keep track.
18:12, 1 July
The mobile browser version has been problematic for years. When there is a problem you have to just try different stuff to make it fix itself because the admins don't fix bugs anymore. Look at the guide, it still has stuff from years ago. That should tell you everything you need to know.
04:13, 2 July
bigpote - 15:58, 1 July
Good, thanks for all
chibo7 - 12:41, 1 July
Hmmm hi
SirBiggles - 15:23, 28 June
The best thing about this game is all the comments on how fucked up it is! I enjoy listening to you all more than playing almost! They should just change the name of it to Facebookct and let us old fogies come in and have a good old chat.