Season 2 2019 Championship Start!

Know what will change in this new season!
15:02, 10 April(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

As we enter a new Season we welcome our expert Commanders and new Recruits, wishing you a great new Season, full of Epic Battles and victories!

But first, let's do a round up on some things that will change this season.

Capital Warfare: 3 bottom capitals

The best squads in each Capital Warfare will now have to prove their skill on the battlefield as they will no longer be playing in their home turf. The capitals that now open belong to the three lowest ranked squads in that Capital Warfare match-up!

Defense against Supreme units

Keep training and developing your troops, Commanders! This Season we are increasing the damage dealt by Supreme units in 20%.

Gold and Silver Packs

We're updating the amount of WWO earned in Packs bought in the store. This means that for each Gold pack you will now earn 100.000 WWO. We'll also be updating the WWO in other parts of the game.

Mines: WWO and Defenses

Make sure your mines are in good hands and fully protected! You will now need 2.500 units to defend your mines. Also, instead of money, you will receive 1 WWO per hour, for every mine you have.

Skins = WWO

After the feedback and suggestions in our survey we will exchange all the existing skins for 6.000 WWO, as we move towards removing Skins from the game so that we put more effort into improving the gameplay (squad gameplay and interaction) and battle system (unit behavior and animations).

WWO return for next season

This isn't a change, but it's always good to remind our players that half of the WWO you spend during the 2nd season will be transferred back in the beginning of Season 3.

Make this Season epic for your Squad and Country!

We're committed to making this season one of the best to date, by increasing our player base, customer support and also the gameplay.

To give you an extra boost in the beginning of this Season we're including a coupon of 250 WWO 0e00275ad449c0e for all players, only valid for the first week! Invite your old country mates back to the game and make this season epic!

Update: Extra Coupon

We've added an extra coupon of 1.000 WWO which is more aligned with current season values fb5af81643bc110 for all players, only valid for the first week! Don't forget to invite your country mates!

Live Updates

  • Season transfer processed Collect Season Transfer Pack

  • Store Squad pack updated to have 5x 6000 WWO

  • Profiles updated with awards of Season 1 - Championship 2019

  • Promotions are now available in the Store again View Promotions

  • Promotions are now fixed and working correctly

  • We will automatically process the skins and refund players with the values (Processing...)

  • 20:00, 12 April UTC - Leaderboard updated with season rewards. Winners from previous season will receive WWO award (in progress)

  • 20:30, 15 April UTC - Paypal Purchases are now active and working correctly View Store

  • 20:30, 15 April UTC - 2Checkout Purchases are now active and working correctly View Store

  • 17:45, 18 April UTC - Leaderboard issues are now fixed. We would like to compensate all our Commanders with a 2.500 WWO coupon e7150ad34d1d4f1, valid for a week.

  • 17:00, 22 April UTC - Daily Login WWO updated values: you will now receive 50 WWO in web login and 50 WWO in app login. We also increased "free collect" to a max value of 2.500 WWO. As a compensation, we would like to give all our players a 100 WWO coupon 02751722bc3f03a, valid for a week.

  • 18:00, 22 April UTC - Old Skin player awards have been processed, players with skins have received 6000 WWO per skin. This will appear as a Coupon in the store. View Store
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    Player2 - 13:22, 3 May
    I know I am getting nowhere by even asking, but please activate the duels. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so, chilltime. More fighting equals more purchases. This could be good for you in other ways too. Activate the duels and then talk about it on social media. A handful of new players is always a good thing.
    PsychoDad - 23:27, 7 May
    “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins."
    Jesus, why have you blocked me xD
    06:45, 8 May
    Repent you, Chinook, repent you!!
    10:00, 9 May
    leg0las - 16:51, 7 May
    ( Censored)
    Langsuyar - 13:00, 7 May
    Travelling is taking too much time! I want to be able to create bases in other countries and continents and develop there... waiting 1 hour to move between continents is just too much!
    It used to 24 hours haha
    14:11, 7 May
    We used it to hide our armies from you! lol but you could build a military base in another place... so, there wasn't this problem :)
    15:07, 7 May
    MS1 - 13:32, 7 May
    Ct - maybe we can renovate the fight against countries? real battle game with diplomacy, presidents, aliances and wars??! It were the game what were the best that I played. This game is similar to many other online games.
    It would make the game more popular
    13:44, 7 May
    leg0las - 13:16, 7 May
    Indo is 1st... Dont want know what will happen next... Cheers .. Love to You all

    Edited: Put your hate comments below as last time!
    Luzbel - 22:22, 6 May
    The only thing I see are traps.
    They tired me
    22:22, 6 May
    Jajajjajaaj weon lloronnn
    06:02, 7 May
    Un dia te voy a hacer suspender todas tus cuentas y seguro quedas solo
    11:58, 7 May
    Flazh - 13:09, 5 May
    Where is feedback section?
    Options/help/contact us- sends you to facebook messenger
    13:13, 5 May
    Thanks.. Chilltime please check it
    10:39, 6 May
    Night1fury - 13:48, 3 May
    Chilltime The guides are outdated 90% of the information is wrong in them why don't you let the players edit them or the ambassadors?
    Amen. They want to "increase the player base" but new players come here and do not even have a clue as to whats going on. The campaign does not tell them that players switch their defense and the guide is just a mess.
    14:13, 3 May
    When i joined they had a large forum section where players could discuss issues and write tips and tricks for new players...
    14:58, 3 May
    Yea back in the day anyone could post in the forum. I use to put forums there for new players to read so they could learn the game mechanics and the tricks that players do that the guide won't tell you about. Chilltime decided they hate that so they gradually took it away.
    15:03, 3 May