Season 1 Championship 2019 Start!

Starting tips for Season 1
13:37, 9 January(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

As we enter a new Season we welcome our expert Commanders and new Recruits, wishing you an Championship 2019 full of Epic Battles and victories.

Starting Tips

  • Capital Warfare Starts on Sunday, so we recommend to start by levelling up through the Growth Missions and by joining a Squad. The league position will be based on the total Experience of a squad.

  • Complete the Campaign Missions to level up faster.

  • Share your Starting tips with us in the comments section below!

    May your victories be sweet!
    Good luck of the battlefield.


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    AGNAR - 18:38, 16 January
    ct ceo put my answer on his topic solved :D didnt even got the work or the respect to answer it... fuck ct! Game is really over and only stupids will continue to play it! Dont give them money and they will be forced to work on the game to fix it or just sell it to any one how really wants to make it a great game again!
    Open your eyes comunity... dont play along with this shit anymore... :D
    Hey agnar, but you can still play without buying
    20:48, 16 January
    No Chinook to me the best thing i can do to show them how desapointed i'm it to leave game and dont play it anymore! They dont care about their costumers why should we?
    10:50, 17 January
    MS1 - 19:24, 11 January
    Admin! national sqyads no need bonus! You understand? If national squads would have bonus points for conquareing capitals and geting points You estimate that these squads are too week, that they could not play successfully without Your bonus! It is veru ennoying!!
    Take your medication and relax mate
    19:31, 11 January
    I'm not how You who like every things! If I don't like some things, I say it
    18:14, 13 January
    I no need what my squad get bonusbecause he is national squad!!! Admin! Answer!
    18:15, 13 January
    For you it doesn't matter if u get bonus points or not because you don't have a squad.
    20:07, 13 January
    I have squad! If You don't see, it is Your problem!
    11:24, 14 January
    Sorry, I did not see it without a magnifying glass :D
    19:42, 14 January
    So You need put glasses!
    15:38, 16 January
    CTstinks - 09:05, 12 January
    Hey ct, your "military missions" doesn't work, broken feature. And cannot report this on "feedback" as you never bothered to answer previous feedbacks. Get this shit fixed
    They do not care. They went ahead and got the season started so Azerbaijan and Estonia can go ahead and start sending them money.
    09:45, 12 January
    Testikles - 08:37, 11 January
    Yes! Lets get this party started!
    Chilltime please make sure you fix the issue where when we train units to our hq or expedite the movement with wwoi they take 1:30 to land in the district instead of 1 minute. We need to be able to train to our hq in 1 minute instead of it training a minute and then hovering over the district for 30 seconds.
    08:46, 11 January
    They are not reading bro, even not responding to critical feedbacks! :d
    12:28, 11 January
    Fuck yeah!
    19:31, 11 January
    AGNAR - 11:10, 11 January
    Any inteligente and smart person will not continue to play this game anymore, CT doesn't care about anyone here, not even as a simple costumer, a competent and professional company would always try to achieve a happy and normal environment to his costumers / players, but no, they don't give a fuck and this time even to the ones that pay their salaries and give them profit! So what the hell should we keep playing a game in such conditions?… I just want to laugh when they will see how many buyer players will keep spending their money here :D Well don't count with me anymore… I got rid of the dependence I had on the game! I recognize that I loved the game and I was completely addicted to it ... but now that i opened my eyes… damm it feel good to spend my time and money in things that really matters, like our families, friends, job's and healthy hobbies (not this one for sure :D)!!
    My advice guys, don't spend a single €£$ on this shit… and maybe… maybe one day they should sell this shit or fix it!!!
    Best regards,
    The vast majority of wwo players are neither smart or intelligent.
    11:22, 11 January
    I guess we get no insight on the changes made or to be made... I do not see this season as being very popular.
    12:19, 11 January
    Yes, it was a good, fair, addicted game. but not anymore
    no need to spend a single $ on it and lose important time of our lives playing
    12:25, 11 January
    I think the same! Play without money!
    19:23, 11 January
    MS1 - 08:40, 11 January
    I only hope that something will be changed and statistics would be by squads not countries, because this game is battle of squads.
    And why honor nations, if this game is battle between squads. And majority are international squads?!?
    You should honor the best squads!