Season 4 Championship 2018 Final Standings

Congratulations to all of the Podium winners!
09:37, 9 January(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders,

Bellow are the standings for the final season of 2019:

Season 4 Final Standings

1st Place - TheMongolzII

2nd Place - VanakesedII

3rd Place - TeamSatan


5th Place - DrunkKamikazes

Player Championship

Season 1 of Championship 2019

  • Season 1 of Championship 2019 will start on the 11th of January 2019 at 09:30 UTC and end on the 11th of April 2019 at 09:00 UTC.

  • That's all for now, Commanders. Congratulations to all of the Podium winners!


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    SirJamesP - 12:38, 10 January
    They are slowely updating everything it seems (they must be doing it between their self fucking sessions) and it looks like the last round did count.. Estonia takes the podium for the year...
    I wonder if any of us will still be coming back once they finally decide to stop fucking around..
    It's because the admins of this game have so little time between going to high school, and their moms insisting they be home before the street lights come on.
    But seriously, this is just another indication of the service you can expect to have if anyone chooses to play again. Little to no attention to the game, and zero answers to any feedback. Bugs will go unfixed, exploits and cheats will continue to flourish. Good luck...
    13:10, 10 January
    Some really think the more you all will insult them the more they will be willing to listen to you and respond to your feedbacks and requests. They don't have to respond to players who communicate with the mentality and manner of a retarded orangutan.
    13:35, 10 January
    True enough, however there have been legions of sane polite feedbacks that go unanswered/ignored. When that happens, frustration sets in, and you get a more hostile tone. Further ignoring that only makes the situation worse. It behooves them to deal with the frustration and set a course for a happier gaming community. A happy customer tells another friend about his experience, an unhappy tells everyone they know about their dissatisfaction. Companies who ignore this business axxiom almost always find themselves not a company anymore.
    13:48, 10 January
    When squads like Norway and Estonia finally decide that its time to stand up to chilltime and they stop spending until chilltime starts caring then you will see a difference. They know they can do whatever they want and work at a snails pace and it will not stop those same squads from coming back and spending their life savings.
    14:03, 10 January
    Chinook, didn't mean to offend you man! don't take it all to heart, its just a game, and one not even worth cheating on... :)
    14:25, 10 January
    I may say, that ct ignore receomendations and interests of players and this is very long situation. It is old history and nothing is changed!
    14:36, 10 January
    Game of 2011 and has always been the same .. managers never listen to their customers ..
    16:06, 10 January
    CRIMIINAL - 15:58, 10 January
    Am here to read Comments..keep them coming .
    Player2 - 15:35, 10 January
    Thank you chilltime for keeping us on this checkpoint. You really helped me to see the light.
    Luzbel - 14:16, 10 January
    Does the game return?
    No never it only evolves
    14:24, 10 January
    Pakistanii - 10:59, 10 January
    I think Chilltime lost all data of this season thats why it took so long ... guys help them and send all printScreen that you save :D so they can process final statistics hahaha
    You can see the stats in the history section, you just have to log out first.
    11:36, 10 January
    I guess they are having troubles because they had an error and launched another warfare at the end which shouldn't had happened.
    11:42, 10 January
    FeNjEr - 11:57, 10 January
    Lol wtf is this some joke :D
    They are showing everyone how much they care. They know they can do whatever they want and squads like Norway and Estonia will still come and spend their life savings here.
    12:29, 10 January
    Soon we will enter stage 2 of their war on players. They will turn off comments and virtually give everyone the finger.
    12:35, 10 January
    Panj - 13:26, 10 January
    Congrats to my country for taking 3th place in 2018. !! :D I'm so proud of my men cause we are mainly not buying country, and all what we achieved, we mainly achieved with actively playing! :D And of course big thanks to all foreign players who helped us by playing in our squad and to all allies! This was really good year for Serbian team! :DD
    EmiN080 - 10:05, 9 January
    I would like to express my thanks to everybody. We manage to do all what we planned to do this edition.
    EIIac - 03:50, 10 January
    Thanks allies, enemies and all players. We passed to worst season. ct forgetten this game, they focusing their another projects. This game used my 10 years lolz. But i got too many friends from here. Its my last season, Time to say goodbye. :) Goodluck and healthy to you all :) :) :)
    Bye2 Ellac and see you soon haha
    08:38, 10 January
    Nice job guys. Maybe you buy this game. Have faun.
    09:40, 10 January
    Good Luck Ellac in your real life :) well played man
    11:01, 10 January
    Player2 - 09:02, 10 January
    Chilltime please sell the game to an actual game development company so that it can be put to its full potential. A lot of us really like this game, but what kills it is your lack of dedication. This past season you practically did nothing. You did two meaningless surveys that have no effect on anything (you would show the results if it mattered). I remember when every other weekend we would have double xp, conquer weekend, and etc.. You make the game look even more dead than it already is. Please sell this game because you are obviously incapable of maintaining it.
    10:24, 10 January
    This game has full potential but it needs to becomes a true country based game, Many new players will join in as the mobile app is available now and ct can monetize it for the income.
    10:35, 10 January
    They wont understand u if u dnt write "ct suck my cock"
    10:36, 10 January
    Yagya they can be successful with this squad based game. They just need to make the game look alive, respond to players, and advertise. They need to get their twitter account verified and then activate promote mode. Twitter automatically detects people who are interested in gaming by what they like and retweet and via promote mode you can make those people see your tweet whether they follow you or not.
    10:49, 10 January