[Final Reveal!] Final Features for Season 1 - Championship 2017

Safety Zone, District Defense, Steal Update and The Battle Engine!
11:21, 11 January(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders

We're excited to see all the strategies players take to win, here are the final Features which you have all been waiting for!

Safety Zone around Capital

This update comes as a well needed change - Your capital will now have a safety radius around it where enemies can attack you, but cannot conquer or destroy your resource bases. This in turn will also mean that for those players who are daring enough to leave the sanctity of their capitals protection, will have to defend these bases harder than ever before!

This is a balance change which will make players want to build around their capitals rather than hiding away in the remote corners of the Earth!

District Defense

To all of you who asked for this update - Here it is! This latest feature will mean that you can now defend ALL your bases within the district the army you have in the district.

Congratulations to Grilax for guessing correctly

Steal Update

This comes as a balance change after yesterdays update, where since we reduced the number of resource bases we are increasing the amount of resources you can steal per base.

Congratulations to elienasr for guessing correctly

The Battle Engine we long promised is here!

After extensive testing of the battle system through challenges, we're excited to launch the new Battle Engine that you have all been waiting for! We will also be rolling out unit strategies so that you can have more control over your army. Where you place your units will be as important as choosing which units you place there!

Congratulations to DrLecter for guessing correctly

Season Start

We look forward to seeing how this season will play out with our latest changes.