[UPDATED!] Features for Season 1 - Championship 2017

Higher Production, Unit Packs on Rank Up, Military Rank Update, Zumwalt and Daring
15:45, 10 January(Latest News)

Greetings Commanders

Season 1 will be starting in just a few hours now, and while we're making all the preparations necessary for an epic launch, its time to let you into the next features that will be an integral part of the upcoming Season. So without any further ado, let's begin:

Each individual resource base will now produce more

We wanted to balance out the playing field for players, which meant that for players to be competitive they had to produce tons of Resource Bases, and be careful to protect them all. Therefore what we are doing this Season, is doubling the resource production for each individual base.

This also comes with a decreased limit of Resource Bases to balance out the increase in production. To implement this, rather than having 1 Resource Base available every Military Rank, we now have 1 Resource Base every 2 levels, capping the limit to 25 total, which would mean that you have less bases to protect - which will be impacted by tomorrow's features!

Congratulations to LoneRangerS2K13 for guessing right

Unit Packs

Unit Packs are a completely new feature we are introducing for this Season where every time you increase your Military Rank, we will award you with a Unit Pack for you to try out the units you have unlocked. Players will also receive a daily random Unit Pack which can contain both Normal and Supreme Units.

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Military Power and Military Rank will be merged

We want to reduce the amount of obstacles for players when they want to attack other targets, as such we are going to remove the Military Power as a measure of strength. Instead, players will have their power determined by their current Military Rank.

After reaching Rank 25 all players will be able to attack each other, but always at the budget of the defending player.
Since your number of resource bases is tied to your rank, the more bases you earn, the higher your production is, the more budget you have to defend but you will also have more bases to defend.

We updated Steal Values, Normal Budget and Supreme Budget - which will now be based on your Military Rank. Spy costs have also been adjusted accordingly.

Here are the new values:

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Zumwalt and Daring Supreme Units

As we mentioned in a previous Topic, we have been working on new Units to add to World War Online. You already know the Zumwalt-Class Destroyer, which will be an Anti-Armored and Anti-Infantry Supreme Navy Unit. It will be unlocked at Military Rank 37.

The other new Unit is the Type 45-Class Destroyer, otherwise known as the Daring-Class Destroyer, an advanced class of Destroyers that belong to the United Kingdom's Royal Navy. They specialize in battling Aircraft Units, which will make it the Anti-Aircraft Supreme Navy Unit. You will be able to unlock it at Military Rank 35.

Congratulations again to DrLecter for guessing these correctly

Next Features

The first player to correctly guess each of the icons in tomorrow's features will receive 50 WWO-Influence.