Steps against abuse.

if not you play to qualify, let the others play.
17:49, 31 December 2016(Game Discussion)
Can a squad play to devote to destroy the army of other players for no reason? This really happens, based on buying supreme there is a squad called GreekNoob that is dedicated to dispel the game to the others who just want to have a good time having fun to conquer capitals. Why what reason So that we get tired and leave WWO? The only way to be is to do damage destroy troops, they really lose points in the personal league since the retaliates are almost double. Already one can not focus on the game because the troops can not be static in a strategic place. I think they spend all day looking at the map as being able to hurt. It has happened to other squads just like us, and the truth is that the game almost loses interest day after day. There should be a global UN-type agreement that when this happens all go to these soulless ones so that these abuses do not exist anymore.


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theotar - 11:38, 3 January
Hallo general.
this is a war game so always there is a reason to destroy an enemy army.
Well get use to it. There will be more of this very soon mr gozo.
17:04, 3 January
Gozo if already won us why open this topic and ask peace from us more that 10 times. the winner never give up!!
17:31, 3 January
Well the change the game so that everyone stays the same rank and no one gets attacked!
03:07, 25 January
11:14, 29 January
Nobody0 - 06:02, 10 January
Its a war game. If you want to conquer capitals or bases or destroy bases, you have to have an army that can withstand and repel attacks or counter attacks from any and all squads regardless of their reasons (there is always a reason). To lose is not to lose and to win is not to win..
Brabo - 00:04, 6 January
Hmm problem is there is a individual leaderboard as well. although most players care more about teamwork and squad/country leaderboard, some prefer to play for individual for different reasons. maybe would be interesting to bring the tournaments back and change capital system.. tournaments were a great feature that most players enjoyed and helped leaders deal with diplomacy (isntead of attackig who they should not, bored players would go fight in tournaments..) but for some reason i dont understand admin decided to stop them. even when season is not so interesting players still fighting in tournaments many times with supremes so i wonder why they took it.
Tournaments, District Defense, and The new Battle Engine should all begin with the start of next season.
00:33, 6 January
Lets hope so
00:52, 8 January
Kuribayashi - 16:19, 3 January
What I understood from this topic is that, there are some players who are neither playing for squad leaderboard or player leaderboard. They are just randomly attacking and getting a bit of fun (by troubling others of course). Although, this is a war game, you're supposed to allow others to enjoy it as well, but if you just attack and kill others for the sake of your enjoyment, in the end, you won't find anyone to attack and kill and the game will die out. There are players who don't care for the leaderboards, they just check a capital and take the capital bases of squads that are weak and are literally shown no importance, only because they felt like they should take it whether or not it will be beneficial to their own squad. They kill a large army in a country of another continent which is neither in their control or will ever be in their control, only because they say its war and I'm gonna war. Then why don't you go on and fight those countries in the top five and show how war-loving you are! They will gladly bring you war instead of crying.
I know how it feels when your capital bases are taken by a squad that isn't even in your league or nowhere near your squad's position but takes it only because he wanted to have 'fun'. You say it's a war game, but you can't ignore the fact that you are a human and all other players are humans as well and they too have emotions just as you do.
DrLecter - 13:56, 3 January
Exactly as theotar said, this is a war game. When you get attacked, fight back and have fun. If you do not want to get attacked then you should maybe be playing farmville or club penguin.
Not when you are attacked with 120 supremas of each, there is no equality but abuse. Besides they are not the only ones who attacked us, they took advantage of us when we were scared by the promotion with another squad.
I think better attacking your level is more fun.
15:30, 3 January
Gozo - 12:04, 3 January
If you play wwo normally it is to get a place in the team standings. I do not know what you're playing a wwo if your goal is not that.