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How to know how close is your cap to the next Military Power
13:50, 8 December 2016(Help)
How do I know how close my cap is to the next Military Power?


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ArchiveGonSil - 10:16, 9 December 2016
Hey Mexica, Capitals increase their Military Power every week based on the amount of Resources or WWO-Influence spent in Military Units. You can find all information about Capital Military Power in the Leaderboard Guide ( ) and the Capital Military Power section ( ).

If you have other questions, just let me know :)
Hi, Thanks, but how do I know how much resources we have spent and how to know if we will be increasing our military power this week for example?
13:32, 9 December 2016
You can check the amount of Resources Spent by hovering over the Resource Bar of your own country in the Capital Military Power section. For example, Mexico has, at the time of this comment, spent over 182 Million Resources in Military Units.

Additionally, given that 4 Capitals will get promoted per week until the Season ends, Mexico's Capital is currently expected to become Silver Military Power on the 4th of January :)
17:22, 9 December 2016
Perfect thanks!
17:26, 9 December 2016