Resources needed in World War Online

Your first step in World War Online is to establish a good production of resources (Money, Food, Building materials, Iron) to sustain your army and help you expand.
WWO-Influence is used for important tactical moves and decisions and when investing in powerful fighter jets and heavy tanks.
Money will allow you to build stronger units. You can produce higher amounts of money in a Mine base.
Food is required for training some types of units and creating certain buildings.
Building materials
Building materials are used to upgrade and build new buildings.
Iron is used to build and upgrade buildings and also to create your non-infantry units.
Resource pool
Your resource pool is the total number of resources you have in your possession. You can always view your resource pool on the top right side of the screen.
Resource production
Your resource production is the total amount of resources you produce every 15 minutes. You can check how much you are producing by clicking the resource icon beneath your profile picture on the top right of the screen. There is also a green timer on the top right that tells you how much time is left until your next resource production.
How can I produce resources?
You can produce resources by building resource bases and activating them with workers. There are 4 kinds of resources: Money, Food, Building materials, Iron. Obs.: You receive resources for up to 12 hours even while you are offline. If more than 12 hours have passed since your last login, your bases will stop producing resources until you login again.
What is Upkeep?
Upkeep represents the value that is deducted from your resource production for the repair and general maintenance of your army (Upkeep is deducted from your resource production, and not your resource pool). Maintaining a massive army is expensive. Remember to build resource bases!
How can I know how much Upkeep my army currently has?
You can check the Upkeep of your current army in the same menu that you check your resource production, by clicking the resource icon beneath your avatar on the main screen.

What types of bases are there?

What types of bases are there?
Capital base
Conquering and keeping capital bases is the winning factor in the game. They are awarded to players at Military Rank 25 and can be conquered by General.
Guerrilla base
Guerrilla Bases are used for resource production and units training. You can conquer a Guerrilla base from another player using a General.
Mine Bases are specialized money resource bases used for production of higher amounts of money. They can be created in Gold, Oil and Diamond districts of the map. Move fast to create bases in these districts because everyone will be fighting for them.
Navy Guerrilla
Navy bases are built in coastal districts. They allow you to build Navy and naval units which travel between continents by sea.
What is a Worker?
A Worker is used to activate a resource base. These bases only produce resources if they have a worker. Army bases, Airforce and Navy do not require workers.
How can I get a Worker?
You can gain them as you increase your Worker. You can also buy a Military Rank when you choose to activate a base and you don\'t have any idle workers.


How is the map organized?
World view
Shows the entire world map and the locations of your bases in each continent.
Continent view
Shows the country capitals and locations of mines, navy bases or guerrilla bases.
District view (Inside a Continent)
Shows all the bases located in a specific continent area.
Shows your buildings and units inside a base.

Unit movement

What are the rules for unit movement?
Move in the same continent by land only.
Move into the same continent and its belonging islands by air.
Move between continents by sea (navy bases required).
C-17 Globemaster
Moves between any location of the map and allows transportation of infantry and armored vehicles between continents.


As you become an experienced commander, you will embrace into epic nationwide battles to conquer enemy country capitals and help take your country to glory in the Season 3 / Championship 2014.
White league
To reach the White league you must earn White points. You earn White points by conquering and holding a White capital.
Bronze league
To reach the Bronze league you must earn Bronze points. You earn Bronze points by conquering and holding a Bronze capital.
Silver league
To reach the Silver league you must earn Silver points. You earn Silver points by conquering and holding a Silver capital.
Gold league
To reach the Gold league you must earn Gold points. You earn Gold points by conquering and holding a Gold capital.
How can my country win this World War Online Season?
The current Season 3 of Championship 2014 will end 15:00, 12 January 2015. If your country holds the top position at this time, your country is declared the winner of the Season.
What happens at the end of the Season?
Once a country has successfully won a new edition is started. Resources, bases and units are reset and all players start at the same level with 1 base.
How does the point system work?
Your country will earn points for every capital held that belongs to the same league. These points are earned every 3 hours. The amount of points earned with each capital will increase with the progression of the Season (in the beginning of the Season, each capital will give just 1 point every 3 hours).
How can we qualify for a higher league?
To qualify for promotion to a higher league your country must earn 100 points in your current league.
How to conquer a country?
To conquer a country you must have the highest percentage of bases inside the capital, your own capital also counts as a conquered country. View the Types of attacks section to learn how to conquer a base.
What types of Country Capitals are there?
The capital type is defined by the Military Power of the country.
Can points be stolen?
Yes. Conquering a capital that has the same or higher Military Power as your country\'s League will result in stealing 20% of the points that the other country has earned with that capital (up to a maximum). A capital that has been held by the same country for a very long time will be worth more points.
The maximum Point Steal will increase with the progress of the Season.
Season Progress0%25%50%100%
Points earned in a Capital1234
Maximum Point Steal56112168224
My country\'s capital was stolen! How can we take back our points?
A country that has had their capital stolen has 12 hours to either take back half of the points stolen or 20% of the points earned in that capital (whichever is higher).
Additional rules
If you conquer the same capital from the same country more than once in less than 12 hours, you will only steal points from the first conquer.
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