Season 1 Championship 2017 START

Go out there and conquer the world!
15:14, 11 January(Latest News)
Greetings, Commanders.

The 1st Season of Championship 2017 has officially started! You can now build your bases, train your units and expand your control with the end goal of placing your Squad and country at the top of the podium!


  • Bases around your capital can no longer be conquered or destroyed.

  • Resource production has been increased due to a decrease in number of bases.

  • Your armies will now protect all the bases in your district.

  • Battles will begin on Wednesday, 18th January at 3:00pm (UTC)

  • Good luck on the Battlefield, Commanders


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    TawnyPort - 02:05, 12 January
    Chilltime, are you going to fix honour points, and actually allow people to earn some this edition, or will you just eliminate the medal altogether. In which case you need to fix the 15 and 25 medal awards. Older players have a huge advantage in this medal, I see 111 awarded already, and anyone who joined since you went with a squad based game has zero chance of ever getting this medal. Thus getting to the 15 and 25 medal award and the perks they give you is easier for old players and harder for new ones. I look forward to hearing what the thought process is on this.
    Consider this as loyalty points program TawnyPort. Older players have invested their invaluable time for everyday login :D.
    Now let it done by new players also.
    02:12, 12 January
    Your statement is wrong
    he won it today
    04:54, 12 January
    But i agree with you is uncertain the way to get honor points and the harder for new players but still are ones winning the medal but cant explain how they do it :(
    the only I know is he gave many suggestions and a few of them got approved and he got honor points as well he won some challenges and other uncommon activities, he aid as translator and things as that, then as you see isnt easy to get the points and seems the player need to involve in many activities not only play, another way is to get approved forum topics if I am not wrong anyways is not easy now to get honor points :S
    05:07, 12 January
    I'm stuck at 24 honor points for ever lol
    05:11, 12 January
    Tawnyport is the man! Cheers!
    22:50, 13 January
    Thank you Groot.. I mean Bart ! Also note,...admins have completely ignored this post and thus this issue. Once again faced with questions they didn't anticipate they just go silent..and then give us a new cursor, lool
    01:32, 18 January
    PapiGroot - 20:53, 17 January
    I am groot
    BlackBart - 15:25, 16 January
    Why do you build your "free bases" for us we can't change to what we want? We are limited to bases number then let us build what/where we want. Again your inability to plan things through thoroughly boggles my mind.
    I don't mind a minimum base count but don't make it all the bases we currently can have. We can't change them or take them down and rebuild to get the correct ones we want. If we are limited to 15 then make the minimum base count 14 or something.
    15:37, 16 January
    BlackBart, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, ungrateful basterd.
    22:35, 17 January
    Nasdrrak - 20:47, 14 January
    I dont understand, why they have the caps open, if we can't take..
    To not do that would involve preplanning..
    15:31, 16 January
    Rangerx - 11:52, 15 January
    Chill time what if mine Base is next to capital so that to it will not be destroyed or it will be. As it is also a resource Base Like example Bangladesh cap near to it is goldmine
    Mines do not count as the safe zone even if it is next to the capital, only resource bases.
    11:57, 15 January
    BlackGrey - 19:29, 13 January
    Hi Chilltime! Must not be "Simulation" be quick, during wars? But we are forced to watch all simulation and click the arrow quickly to pass another turn and to see the result after lots of passed turns. Maybe, it is useful to understand units' moving and war mechanics on new engine but it is absolutely not useful and will waste our time in excited war attacks. Can you put also some option which we can see immediately the simulation result and can use unit's strategies?
    NomadisM - 14:09, 13 January
    Goodluck guys
    ArchivePenny - 06:08, 13 January
    Chilltime i do not understand something. You said military power wont be a measure of strength but yet i am silver with army and silver was not suppose to start until rank 35. This makes no sense
    Now you have mad a point i like that smart one chill time answer the guy wish he was in a squad tho he seem to be a solo guy
    06:11, 13 January
    There is no "military power" per se. The rules bow apply accordingly to your player level. So now there's no hiding in bronze anymore cause every one can attack eachother, just with a lower budget
    13:43, 13 January
    Now* not bow
    13:43, 13 January
    That is true. When i unlock raptors i can just go around murdering the level 25 ranked players who have no supremes and it will be endless resources for me. :D
    13:45, 13 January
    NagornoKarabagh - 09:55, 12 January
    Shit Developers need to learn geography :/... Baku is Naval Admin where is Caspian sea?
    And Belgrade is on the Balkan, they moved him on the north...
    17:26, 12 January
    Now admin add Caspian city but changed our capital Baku to other city. lol. if you wanna be sure admin just check link: ( ) or visit Baku. If you have not money for ticket let me know i can buy it for you. for your rules dont change Country capital!
    18:44, 12 January
    Greetings Commanders!

    The Caspian sea has returned to WWO, and Azerbaijan is a Naval Capital once more! Enjoy this SEAson.

    12:56, 13 January
    Gotta love them puns ^^
    13:41, 13 January
    SinaSalimi - 17:19, 12 January
    This is bad season !