Resource steal tips & tricks - Updated with new rules

The new rules of resource stealing
11:20, 26 December 2016(Game Discussion)
Following, where I described a few things about resource management and stealing, I will come with an updated version of resource stealing, based on the new rules.

1. Every player can now steal 5% of the enemy resources
- You can steal 5% from the same base, you no longer need to find 15 bases to attack to get the maximum of of resources
- The 5% percentage is the total amount of resources you can steal, so if you steal from a food base, you will no longer be able to steal from other resources
- Before stealing, thing of which resource you need, or your enemy needs

2. Cumulated resources you can steal are 5% of the enemy resources, but up to a limit
- The limit is based on military power
- The lower military power between the 2 players applies
- The limit represents total resources, regardless of type

e.g. if you are silver and attacking a gold, the silver limits applies
e.g. if you are gold and attacking a silver, the silver limits applies

3. Capital limits per military power:
- White: 20 K cumulated resources for 24 hours
- Bronze: 50 K cumulated resources for 24 hours
- Silver: 75 K cumulated resources for 24 hours
- Gold: 125 K cumulated resources for 24 hours

4. Tips & Tricks
If you want to take the maximum from one vulnerable base you should send:
- White: 267 Chinook OR 40 Charles Gaulle
- Bronze: 667 Chinook OR 100 Charles Gaulle
- Silver: 1000 Chinook OR 150 Charles Gaulle
- Gold: 1667 Chinook OR 250 Charles Gaulle
- Attacking the same enemy again will not work
- You can coordinate with your squad to attack the same player multiple time and he will feel the loss
- Every player has the same limits, even if a squad mate attacked before the same base (assuming the enemy still has resources)

Old stealing rules vs new ones
With the previous rules, you were able to steal more total resources, but you had to attack 15 times, and only resource bases (considering the opponent will not hit back). You couldn't use only one base, so you had to move the army, use spies and there were 15 attacks where you could have lost units. Assuming everything was perfect in your attacks, this is how the current rules relate to the previous ones:
- Bronze: old 75 K / new 50 K
- Silver: old 120 K / new 75 K
- Gold: old 180 K / new 125 K

But let's be honest, it was hard to hunt 15 bases of the resource type you need. Also, it was very time consuming and frustrating, as if someone else robed the same enemy until your army got there, you were left with almost no resources to steal, so I think these new rules are a great addition to the game.


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DrLecter - 13:40, 27 December 2016
Here is a tactic to take into consideration with stealing resources. The Trade Market is based on the whole entire player base, which means if players are selling Iron more than anything else it will become difficult to buy with credits. Therefore, if you have your entire squad drive up the cost of Iron by farming it and selling it for credits then you concentrate on taking that particular resource from your enemy will it make it that much worse on them. If you are low on Iron with a terrible upkeep it can hurt when it costs a lot ot buy it with credits. Eventually it will balance back out, but if you do it right it can let them know who they messed with. A lot of players dont take that into consideration but you can use the Trade Market for economic warfare. Great tips btw! :)
KnightSuzaku - 11:13, 27 December 2016
Update: - From 1 base, you get the minimum between the maximum capital and 5% of the resource type you are attacking
- If 5% of that resource type is lower than the maximum capital (and lower than 5% of all the cumulated resources of the target), you will receive resources again by attacking bases of the same player, until you reach the maximum capital
ChilltimeBlue - 10:07, 27 December 2016
Excellent topic again, AngrySuzaku!

Allow me to give an extra tip to those looking to defend themselves from farming in Navy Districts; Lynxes are your best friends. They are the best normal unit you can use against the Charles Gaulle and they are also the best anti-air unit you can use after the dedicated anti-air ones (chengdu, gepard, etc).

Dongfeng has higher damage against sea units, sure, but his Airforce damage is negligible and Charles Gaulle has higher defense versus Tanks, so Dongfengs actually deal slightly less damage versus the CG. Lynxes are definitely a Unit you want defending your Bases to make sure you don't get farmed, especially in Navy Mines :)