Join thousands of players around the world from over 100 nations!
Join your friends
Team up with 3 of your most trusted countrymen and play together to fulfill the duty of a true patriot by completing squad objectives created by your government.
Challenge the World
Play against or with players from around the globe in a world wide conflict where any of more than 130 countries can be victorious.
Establish your power
Build bases to gather resources and create a fear inspiring army of real world military units.
4United StatesUnited States of America
Compete against other countries
Help your country win Season 1 of Championship 2014.
Government and Politics
Defend your nation's flag in the battlefield and gain power and respect in your country's government - earn your way into the books of World War Online History.
Build powerful modern units
Dominate enemies with your army, airforce and navy.
What are you waiting for?
Let's take United States of America to victory!